Magnesium Recycling

We offer extensive experience in the recycling of magnesium scrap metals. On an average, only around 50% of the magnesium metal ends up as a finished good during a die casting process, the other half of the amount ends up as scrap or also represented as losses, which is later purchased by a recycler. We at Crown Metals CZ offer this tolling service by purchasing the metals, and later processes it back into an alloy product for further use, according to our client request.

Primary Alloy Production

CMCZ is able to recycle and produce magnesium alloy from scrap material, but also offers professional and experienced production of primary standard alloys and special alloys from pure magnesium. If you are looking for quality, sustainability, and if time is an important factor for your company, then CMCZ is your best choice of supplier. 

Why Magnesium?

Magnesium is the lightest form of non-ferrous metal that we know, which shares a low density of only two thirds of that of aluminum. This promising light metal has shown a significant attractiveness to the automotive, aerospace, and electronic industries, and not only due to its low density, but also to its very good strength and ductility.

Due to the tremendous interest of the magnesium metal, continuous improvements have been applied to its mechanical properties throughout the years.