Production Process
Product model
Crown Metals CZ offers an extensive range of different alloys such as A8, AZ91, AM20, AM50, AM60, AMZ40,
as well as a series of special alloys such as, AS31, AJ62, and MRI 153.
Apart from the recycling process of scrap, we can also produce standard magnesium alloys and special alloys from pure magnesium.
Our ingots have the length of 630 mm, and varies in weights from (4 -12 kg), depending on customer request.
We are also capable of producing the length of 800 mm ingot (9-12 kg).
length ingot
630 mm
weight (4-12kg)
length ingot
800 mm
weight (9-12kg)
Standard Grade Alloys
A8, AZ91, AM20, AM50, AM60, AMZ40
Special Grade Alloys
AS31, AJ62, MRI 153, ZE41A