Crown Metals CZ is a Czech based enterprise which specializes in the research and development, recycling and production of Magnesium alloys since 1998.

Our plant is located in Litvínov, a town in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic, mainly known for its industrial commune and its rich Ore Mountains. Due to the country’s central location in Europe, Crown Metals CZ has a great advantage in cost and time of transportation, and we can reach customers all over Europe.


Crown Metals CZ´s mission is to provide excellent quality in products and service, and focus on further improvements of new materials in order to meet our customer expectations.

We work closely with our customers, and focus on continuous innovative solutions in order to protect our health and environment.

Plant officially opened by UK ambassador
Plant annual capacity increased on 11,000 t/year.
Certificates &

In June 2003 Crown Metals CZ was primarily certified with BSI (British Standard Institution) in accordance with ISO 9002:1994, just one year after our opening ceremony. In July 2004 our plant was successfully certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. In 2015, our plant was awarded by International Magnesium Association for International Environmental Responsibility Award in Vancouver. We achieved the title of, innovative solution to the CO2 emission and waste reduction in Magnesium scrap recycling plant.

Our plant was first successfully certified for H&S management system (OHSAS 18001). From 2004 until 2007, the plant was continuously improving and successfully recertified for all three systems by BSI regularly every year.


We are a member of the International Magnesium Association (IMA), a platform to promote the use of the lightweight magnesium metal in material selection and encourage innovative applications of the versatile metal.
IMA offers a complete platform to companies in industries such as primary metal producers, recyclers and end suppliers. This allows manufacturers and consumers to access, and benefit to seminars or research and publications related to the magnesium metal.

For more information regarding the IMA and its services, please visit: https://www.intlmag.org/


Award Winning

We found a process of how to produce fertilizer from re-processed dross, in the result of safe disposal of waste dross, in an environment friendly way.

In 2008 we developed a process of how to produce fertilizer from re-processed dross, which took us until the end of 2011 to achieve the certificate of our very first fertilizer, what was called Mag 221.

Waste Free Production Process

After many years of testing and supervising, we managed to develop two new fertilizers, Maglit 100 and Maglit 100 plus. In 2015, our fertilizers were finally approved by the Environmental Authority, and our dross was no longer classified as a hazardous waste.

Therefore, we are proud to say that, all scrap that we process, either comes out as an ingot or fertilizer, nothing in between.